Turnkey Can Making Machine Production Line


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Turnkey Glucose Tin Can Making Machine Production Line

This is a complete rectangular tin can making machine production line involving shearing, can body making, top curling, beading, flanging, seaming, lid making and can bottom making.

Mint Can Making Machine Production Line

Ever thought about how the amazing mint cans are actually made? One may reason that the mint tablets holders are a way too complicated to be made. The uplifting news is that, that isn’t the situation at all.
Basically, it can be done by simple steps such as tin plate shearing, lid making, bottom making, embossing, can body making, curling, flanging, seaming and much more.
The key machines that are utilized here are slitting/shearing machine, external and inner lid making machine, can body making machine, pressing machine and can seamer just to mention a few.