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    Slitting Machine

    Fundamentally, slitting machine encompasses strategic cutting, shearing and slitting tin plates into blanks.  From these blanks, the can body, lid and bottom can be obtained. Therefore, slitting is the essential stage for the can making process. The slitting is done per request, consequently, it is dependent on the material and size of the can body, lid and bottom that is needed.

    The slitting process

    It’s one of the most straightforward process as just a single operator is expected to operate the machine.  The machine fundamentally consists of a platform where the plates are put. Blades are grouped into two groups located opposite each other, these blades are mounted on two drive shaft driven by motor. Slitting is performed by the rotating bladed disks. The blades are safeguarded for safety of the operator. Blank width is determined by the distance between each two blades.

    A switch strategically fitted on the machine to help in turning on and off the machine. It has an extremely simple to use switch and no one needs intense training to effectively use the machine. When it comes to the actual shearing process, the operator insert the plate into the blade groups. The tin plate passes through the rotating blade groups and is sheared into proper size blanks. Operator has to do this cautiously preventing his hands from injury.

    • The slitting machine has a compact framework and structure to ensure it covers a small area in the working space. Thus allowing more area for other manufacturing processes.
    • The strong steel and other groundbreaking materials that are used to make the machine guarantee a long lasting and reliable production
    • It’s a fast working machine hence more blanks can be obtained at a brief timeframe
    • The machine is very easy to operate and an operator doesn’t need an intense training to know how to effectively use it.
    • The machine has a very low maintenance cost.
    • The machine allows different sizes of blanks to be obtained as few adjustments can be made.

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