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    How it works

    Essentially, the way towards making the lid by a lid machine include three key advances. These incorporate punching, trimming and curling. Here’s the ideal guide on how the can lid are made by the manual lid making machine.


    This is the initial step which is the key determinant of the size and shape of the lid to be made. At this stage, the Blanks are punched using the lid punching machine to acquire a lid that is required as per estimate, design and material. The operator puts the blank on the stage and the punching machine cuts out an exact lid shape from it. The operator controls the lid punching machine by stepping on the pedal using his or her leg. The cut out lid from this punching step has sharp edges and are mostly irregular.


    Here, the punched cover is trimmed/compacted/streamlined at the edges so it can be even. The tin is put on the stage facing upwards and the machine trims its edges after the operator moves the pedal.


    Lastly, the edges of the top are twisted/curled with the objective of procuring an attractive finish. The top edges can be twisted/curled inwards or outwards depending with the outline and even the shape of the machine.

    Those are the three basic steps for making can lid after which they can be sealed to the can body using a lid press machine. Significantly, not more than three operators are needed when using the manual lid machine: one at the punching station, one at the trimming section and one at the curling station.

    Key Features

    • The unique structure of the manual Lid making machine permits it to spare more space in the working zone.
    • The lid machine are easy to utilize. The operator basically needs to control it by stepping on the pedal.
    • Low upkeep cost is brought about as the machines are perfectly sturdy.
    • The machine can Tool Changing. Consequently distinctive sizes and shapes of the Lid can be produced using the machine.
    • The machine has the ability to make numerous lid in a given timeframe.
    • The machine is made of tough steel that effectively permits it to work efficiently and reliably and also to last longer.
    • Easier adjustments can be made in the machine.

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