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Foot Operated Slitting Machine

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Foot Operated Slitting Machine

In essence, a slitting machine is utilized for cutting sheet metal to size out a blank of a particular measurements. The foot powered slitting machines comes with the best highlights that will not only make it easier for the operator to manage the machine but it will likewise ensure fast and solid productions of blanks.

For starters, the machine has a strong hold-down which presses the metal plate or sheet in place for appropriate shearing. It affixes the sheet in place so that it does not move while being cut. For the 90 degrees cut, a squaring arm with a scale or even a back gauge is utilized to position the metal plate.

Imperatively, a shear edge burr is occasionally formed during a typical shearing process.  However, this foot powered slitting machine is outfitted with clear and sharper blades to lessen the burring of edges up to 10 percent. Moreover, the foot powered slitting machine has an adjustable blade gap thus enabling different plate thickness to be successfully sheared.

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Most importantly, the material or plate should be marked at the point or area that needs to be cut. It should then be set on a squaring shear along the edge guide and then aligned at the point that is stained to be cut.

Consequently, observe the foot pedal and check if there is any hindrance on its way as this may damage your plate. Ensure the plate is well placed and aligned, then hold it in place using your hand or use a hold down. Using one foot, you step and push on the foot pedal to make a cut. This can then be repeated to obtain as many blanks as possible.

  • The machine is made with a powerful HCHC shear blades that cuts the sheet faster and effectively.
  • Has a strong material hold down which helps in powerful slitting and shearing.
  • The machine is easy to use as one only needs to step on the foot pedal
  • The side gauges and even the protractor gauge is designed to ensure an accurate measurements of the blanks is obtained.
  • The compact size and shape of the machine allows it to take a very small working area.
  • The material that was used to make the machine is strong thus an assurance of its sturdiness

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