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    can seaming machine CSM450-450

    Technical Specifications:

    Model No CSM450-450
    Capacity 20CPM
    Can Diameter 130-450mm
    Can Height Up to 450mm
    Blank Thickness 0.2-0.5mm
    Motor 380V 50HZ 3PH 2.2KW 1420RPM
    Overall 1360x900x1820mm
    Weight 500kgs(Approx)

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    How it works

    The final step in any can making process is called seaming. This is an extremely crucial advance as it involves firmly appending the bottom lid to the flanged can body. A can that has just undergone flanging process is firmly pressed against the bottom by a can seamer. Essentially, seaming doesn't take much time. It is also a basic process that requires not in excess of one operator.

    The can seaming machine is designed with the latest cutting-edge technology that allows complete fixing of the base to the can. Among the significant parts of this can sealing machine is the ground-breaking sets of rollers that pivot around the can to press the overlapping edges.  These overlapping edges are of the flanged end of the can and the edges of the bottom. The press pedal that is in the lower end of this seaming machine works pneumatically. The operator utilizes the pedal to control the machine.

    The complete Seaming Process

    At first, the base is connected to the flanged end manually by an operator. However, this isn't sufficiently tight: that is the reason why the tin can seaming machine comes in.

    The second step includes positioning the can on the stage with great precision (with the bottom attached to it). Make sure the base end faces up: the course on which the rollers are.

    The operator at that point steps on the press pedal to pull up the platform until the bottom fits onto the chuck. Then the rollers sets into action on the can automatically. The two rollers move around the overlapping edges of the flanged can and base permitting splendid overlapping and firm closure. This takes few seconds only after which the operator evacuates it by his or her hand and puts another can to be seamed. The process can proceed until the point when the last can is seamed.

    The can seamer machine has made can seaming to be a simple undertaking. The machine additionally permits tool changing. This will empower it to handle diverse shapes and size of cans.

    Note that there are different types this canning machine. They can be designed exceptionally to deal with different shapes, for example round, rectangular, cubic and other irregular cans. Most importantly, the stage where the can is put can be effortlessly be adjusted up and down lying depending on the can's height.

    Key Features

    • First of all, the can seamer is very simple to utilize. The operator just needs to put the can and step on the press pedal.
    • The machine is very easy to use. No much training is needed for one to use it.
    • The machine's make and style permits sparing a lot of space in a particular working room.
    • Less downtime change from one size to another
    • The machine is made up of heavy Steel metal material which ensures durable and reliability.
    • The machine's fabrication guarantees you a low maintenance cost.  It's anything but difficult to modify amid tool changing that permits diverse shapes and sizes of can to be seamed.
    • All the more, the quick working of the can seaming machine enables numerous cans to be dealt with in a brief period of time.
    • Less running cost is incurred while using the machine.

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