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    Technical Specifications:

    Model No CSM180-250
    Capacity 36CPM
    Can Diameter 20-180mm
    Can Height Up to 250mm
    Blank Thickness 0.15-0.5mm
    Motor 380V 50HZ 3PH 1.1KW 910RPM
    Overall 1090x600x1580mm
    Weight 300kgs(Approx)

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    Seaming is the last step of can making process. This is a pivotal step as it includes adding the bottom to the flanged end of the can body. A can that has quite recently been flanged is solidly pressed onto the base by a can seamer. Basically, seaming doesn't take much time. Additionally, it’s a procedure that requires not more than one operator.

    The can seaming machine is engineered with the most recent forefront innovation that enables complete attachment of the base to the can. Among the important parts of this can seaming machine is the arrangements of rollers that rotate around the can to press the overlapping edges. These edges are of the flanged end of the can and the edges of the bottom. The press pedal that is in the lower end of this seaming machine works pneumatically. The operator normally uses the pedal to control the machine.

    The entire Seaming Procedure can be summarized as below.

    Initially, the base is compacted with the flanged end manually with the operator. In any case, this isn't adequately tight: that is the motivation behind why the tin can seaming machine comes in.  The second step incorporates accurately positioning the can on the platform (with the base appended to it). Ensure the base end faces up: the direction which the rollers are.

    Using his or her foot, the operator then steps on the press pedal. This makes the platform to move up so as the bottom can be attached to the chuck. At this point, the two rollers sets intensively on the can. The rollers/discs moves around the overlapping edges of the flanged can and base allowing firm closure and attachment. This takes no more than a minute after which the operator removes it by his or her hand and puts another can to be seamed. The procedure can continue until the moment that the last can is seamed.

    The can seamer machine has made can seaming to be a basic endeavor. The can sealing machine furthermore allows tool changing. This will enable it to deal with differing shapes and size of cans. Note that there are distinctive types of this canning machine. They can be designed uniquely to manage diverse shapes, for instance round, rectangular, cubic and other irregular cans. Above all, the stage where the can is put can be easily be adjusted or changed relying upon the can's full height.

    • First of all, the can seamer is exceptionally easy to use. The operator simply needs to put the can and lean his foot on the press pedal.
    • The machine is very easy to use as no one needs much training to master how to use it.
    • The machine's make and style ensures saving a ton of space in a specific working room.
    • The machine is comprised of overwhelming steel metal material which guarantees sturdy and dependability.
    • Less time is used when it comes to changing the various sizes.
    • Less running cost is incurred.
    • The machine's manufacture promises you a low upkeep cost. It's definitely not hard to alter in the midst of tool changing that permits various shapes and sizes of can to be seamed.
    • All the more, the brisk working of the can seaming machine empowers various cans to be managed in a concise timeframe.

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