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    Can Bottom Making Machine

    Bottom making process is one of the straightforward tasks done by bottom making machines. It often involves punching of the blanks to obtain the bottom of the cans. Bottom making machine can be used to make bottoms for diverse cans which are round, square rectangular and irregular shape. The bottoms are made by punching which will then be seamed to the can body in the subsequent steps.

    The machine has stunning features such as fast working, easy to operate, long lasting, dependable and reliability in connection to the its productivity. This has made it to be the perfect choice to be used in the can bottom production line.

    The machine is operated by one operator. After the blanks have been obtained from the tin plate, they are positioned on the platform of the punching machine by hand. The blank ought to be placed precisely for uniform and right bottoms to be obtained.

    The press pedal is then stepped on by the foot and the machine punches the blanks to attain the bottom. The machine permits tool changing which grants various types of the bottoms to be obtained, with respect to the size and shape. The punched out bottoms are then taken by hand and placed with the rest to await the next manufacturing step.

    1.  The machine is effortless to operate as it only requires one to set the blank on the platform and step on the foot pedal.

    2.  The solid and tough coat of the machine permits durability

    3.  The dense and compact size of the machine allows it to create more working area or space.

    4.  The machine allows tool changing which permits different shapes and sizes of the bottoms to be obtained.

    5.  Low maintenance cost of the machine due to its strong structure.

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