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    Technical Specifications

    Model TCM120-400
    Capacity 48-58CPM
    Tin Plate Length 100-400mm
    Tin Plate Width 40-180mm
    Tin Plate Thickness 0.0-0.23mm
    Can Body Diameter 30-120mm
    Power Supper 380V 50HZ 3PH
    Motor Power 4.2KW
    Overall 1500mm(L) x 1200mm(W) x 1750mm(H)
    Weight 1800KGS(Approx)

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    How it works

    This tin can body making machine is a fully automatic can body lock seam machine integrating blank feeding, top and bottom end pre-curling, notching, making grooving, forming and lock seaming, top curling and bottom flanging are for option. The whole can body making process is performed automatically. This can body making machine is designed to make round, rectangular, cubic and irregular can bodies with blank length ranging from 100 to 400mm, width ranging from 40 to 180mm and thickness up to 0.23mm.

    Blanks of proper length and width of a single can body in a prior shearing operation are manually loaded on the platform which can move up and down automatically controlled by sensor, pneumatically operated sucking discs such the blank one by one and insert into the motor driven roll feed mechanism comprising of groups of rollers where top end of blank is pre-curled inward and bottom for easy top curling end is pre-curled outward for easy flanging in subsequent operation. Then the blank is dropped onto the reciprocating feeding mechanism by two pneumatically operated press bars. The two fingers of the reciprocating feeding mechanism take the blank to the notching station where the four corners are properly notched for easy lock seaming in subsequent operation. After notching, the feeding fingers take the blank to groove making station where a narrow hook is formed on the left and right ends of the blank for side seaming in subsequent operation. The last step is forming and lock seaming, the blank is taken to forming and lock seaming station by reciprocating feeding fingers where the can body is formed and lock seamed.

    Key Features

    • Machine frame is made out of heavy duty cast iron enclosed with stainlesssteel sheathing secured to the tubular frame making the machine durable, stable and reliable.
    • Mechanical transmission system makes it can work for life time with less maintenance.
    • Integrating blank feeding, pre-curling, notching, edging folding and lock seaming into one helps to save at least 4 labors and less power consumption.
    • Compact design minimizes and saves valued space.
    • Operation is fully automatic with high efficiency and capacity can be 58 pieces of cans per minute.
    • This machine can make different shapes and sizes of cans by changing tooling.
    • PLC control and friendly touch screen HMI interfacefor easy adjustment.
    • Fault diagnosis system protects machine from damage.
    • Automatic lubricant system
    • Automatic alarm
    • This machine can work standalone or can be incorporated into your existing line.

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