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Mint Can Making Machine Production Line

Ever thought about how the amazing mint cans are actually made? One may reason that the mint tablets holders are a way too complicated to be made. The uplifting news is that, that isn’t the situation at all.

Basically, it can be done by simple steps such as tin plate shearing, lid making, bottom making, embossing, can body making, curling, flanging, seaming and much more.
The key machines that are utilized here are slitting/shearing machine, external and inner lid making machine, can body making machine, pressing machine and can seamer just to mention a few.

Here is a complete breakdown of each step.

The tin plates are accurately sheared into proper sizes by slitting/shearing machine. Both manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic slitting machines are available.

The external lid is made by two steps. The sheared blanks are initially put on mould and punched to form a rudimentary lid which is the passed to another mould that is attached to a press machine. Here it is pressed to form a complete external lid.

Inner lid is made by two basic steps. The first step involves placing the tin plates into a pressing machine and on pressing start “start” the machine punches it to obtain an inner lid. This is then put into the subsequent pressing station where a “dot” is made on the lid after which it is sucked out of the machine by the sucking rubber.

The next step is the combination of the external and internal lid. Firstly, they are precombined manually by hand after which they are placed on the pressing machine which tightens the two to together.

This is essentially made by punching the blank to obtain the can bottom. Can be done by an automatic punching machine.

Client’s logo is then embossed onto the blanks after being sheared. This is done by a punching machine. Can be done automatically.

Blanks for can body are punched out of the tin plates. Then taken to the pressing machine which will punch to blank of a single can body and notching will be done at the same time to allow easy locking in subsequent operation.

Can body making process then proceeds. Can body making process is done automatically by can body making machine. The rollers of the machines precurls top and bottom end of the blank and send it to the reciprocating feeding system. Groove making is done here then the blanks are forwarded to forming and locking station.

Before seaming, the can bottom is inserted into the can body manually. The can seamer machines then fuses the bottom to the flanged end of the can body.

After seaming, the punching machine presses the seamed edges flat. This gives the can a smooth edge.

In the top necking process, the seamed can body is then curled at the top edges. This aids in removal of the sharp edges and creates a fine slot for the lid.

The subsequent step involves punching a precise hole at the tip of the can body where the lid will attach.

Shaping of the can body is the next step. The ready can is put on the mould which will reshape it to the requested shape giving it a classic look.

The final step basically involves attaching the lid onto the can body. This is done manually. A needle is inserted onto the lids and then attaches them onto the can body

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